• MLS: 415227#MLS
  • View: Water FrontView
  • Acres: 2.86Acres
  • zoning  Beach Resort/Residentialzoning
An absolutely stunning location in Spotts, already primed for development. A lot of infrastructure is already in place for development. The property is completely filled to about 10 feet to 12 feet above Sea level, has a significant Seawall of about 600 feet, and a waterfront concrete deck area. The old development of Mariners Cove was a wooden structure, poorly built on this site in the early 1980’s, before our building codes and level of construction and materials vastly improved. This site is an ideal location for a multi-storey residential development, locatedin front of a picturesque cove featuring gorgeous Seafront views. Our population is exploding and going nowhere but up, so there is increasing demand for rare Seafront sites like this, still close to George Town and Seven Mile Beach.

Shamrock Road, Spotts, Cayman Islands